Things I loved this week.

1. Sunshine! Yes, it has been too dry lately, and some rain would be good, but there hasn’t been a summer this nice in recent memory. Lots of good times outside with my girls.

2. My 2012 Bundle Monster plates arrived. As soon as my nails are an acceptable length, I’m going to stamp the shit out of them.

3. Food. I found perfect banana muffin and pancake recipes. I went for Japanese with my knitting buddy on Sunday, and we got extra vegi crunch roll because it wasn’t busy in the restaurant. Bliss. If you are ever in Charlottetown, Mr. Sushi is a must.

4. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I love it in ways that are a bit inappropriate. I feel the urge to stockpile in case it goes away.

5. Knitting. I’m back into it after a very long slump. I forgot how much it relaxed me. I may spin tonight and watch a documentary.


I’m going to start a series on my nail polish collection… I don’t know if I should work by colour or brand. Brand would definitely take longer… will think about it.