What’s up buttercups?

Remember the other day when I hacked off all my nails in a fit?


Nuuuuubiiiiiiins. The nubiest nubs that ever nubbed. Gah.

The drugstore around the corner has Essie stuff on sale, so I picked up some Grow Faster. It claims that in 5 days, I’ll have noticeable growth. Now, a good scienceologist would do a control where we do five days of untreated nails, and then five days of treatments. There would be charts and graphs and goggles and lab coats. But I’m both lazy and impatient, so we’re jumping right in. I took this picture last night, and put my first treatment on this afternoon. So, we’ll take a photo every day for six, and see where we are. If I can get my hands on some goggles, I’ll use those just to make it legit.