Monthly Archives: July 2012

Things I loved this week.

1. Sunshine! Yes, it has been too dry lately, and some rain would be good, but there hasn’t been a summer this nice in recent memory. Lots of good times outside with my girls.

2. My 2012 Bundle Monster plates arrived. As soon as my nails are an acceptable length, I’m going to stamp the shit out of them.

3. Food. I found perfect banana muffin and pancake recipes. I went for Japanese with my knitting buddy on Sunday, and we got extra vegi crunch roll because it wasn’t busy in the restaurant. Bliss. If you are ever in Charlottetown, Mr. Sushi is a must.

4. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I love it in ways that are a bit inappropriate. I feel the urge to stockpile in case it goes away.

5. Knitting. I’m back into it after a very long slump. I forgot how much it relaxed me. I may spin tonight and watch a documentary.


I’m going to start a series on my nail polish collection… I don’t know if I should work by colour or brand. Brand would definitely take longer… will think about it.


I got another Glymm box. I dunno, my first two boxes haven’t been WOAH AMAZEBALLS, but I believe that these sample boxes are like lottery tickets, you take a chance and you shouldn’t complain if you don’t win. This one is just on the good side of okay. Picture?

glymm jul2012

July 2012 Glymm box

You can check out the descriptions at

Here’s my take.

The orange bag is cute. I’ve got two of these so far, and they’re used to hold nail stuff – files, image plates and so on.

The blue box is two cyberderm moisturizers. In weird little syringes. H2o hydration (full size $60), and PM antiage (full size $115). Ehhh. They’re alright. I’ve been using them for about 3 days, and while I know this isn’t really enough time to get a good idea of how well they worked, I’m not super impressed. And certainly not $115 impressed. Interesting sample though.

The little pot that says dirt is a salt scrub (full size $45) I make my own salt and sugar scrubs for different stuff, so I don’t often buy them. This is nice, smells like candy. I’ve been using it on my hands to stretch the sample. Just a salt scrub though, nothing outstanding.

The wee spray bottle is Mane Teeze Social Butterfly Hair perfume (full size is $34). Smells awesome. I do love me some vanilla-y scent. I really like this sample, and would love to try the other two in the line. Good sized sample too @ about 50 sprays. I don’t have a lot of hair so this one should last me a good while as I can get away with just one spray at a time.

Little paper thing is a 25% off nail polish coupon. Probably on’t use. They don’t have much selection, and unless I qualify for free shipping on my order, I can get stuff for a better price elsewhere.

Last sample is a tube of Joico Kpak Revitaluxe. It’s really just a heavy-duty conditioner. It smells nice, and my hair was very soft. Today is a no-do day (which means that I didn’t bother with blow drying my hair. Not going anywhere, why torture it?) I think that with a blow-dry, straighten, shine spray afterwards, my hair would be fantastic. I don’t know if I’ll try to find a salon that carries this and keep using it or not. We’ll see.

Verdict – Okay box. The hair perfume and conditioner were nice. The other samples didn’t rock my world, but I’ll use them up.

What’s up buttercups?

Remember the other day when I hacked off all my nails in a fit?


Nuuuuubiiiiiiins. The nubiest nubs that ever nubbed. Gah.

The drugstore around the corner has Essie stuff on sale, so I picked up some Grow Faster. It claims that in 5 days, I’ll have noticeable growth. Now, a good scienceologist would do a control where we do five days of untreated nails, and then five days of treatments. There would be charts and graphs and goggles and lab coats. But I’m both lazy and impatient, so we’re jumping right in. I took this picture last night, and put my first treatment on this afternoon. So, we’ll take a photo every day for six, and see where we are. If I can get my hands on some goggles, I’ll use those just to make it legit.

Oh hey. How’s it going? I should probably mention that until I get on a roll, I’m a cruddy and sporadic blogger. Sry.

Anymahokie, not much really going on around here. Had to cut all my nails off – broke one pretty nastily, and can’t stand having one short one so I hacked them all off. I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity to start fresh, and take fantastic care of them so they grow up awesome. I was pretty sour about the whole thing though, let me tell you.

I’m planning on getting things set up so I can take decent pictures of stuff this weekend. So you can see all the goodies I bring home! And my subscription boxes! Oh yay.

Getting awesome skin is my current project. I’m cleansing and exfoliating and slapping all kinds of masks and shit on it. Good times. Don’t come to my house after 8 PM, because I’ll probably have something weird on my face. My current fave is (oh, you’re gonna love this) a paste of orange juice and baking powder. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. My skin felt like a million bucks and looked really clear afterwards. And I made a sugar scrub for my lips with coconut oil, honey and brown sugar. It tastes fantastic, and makes my lips so soft I want to kiss myself. Amazing how much better lipstick and gloss look when your lips are smooth. I thought I was just unlucky.

I really need to start using eye cream, so I’m hoping that I’ll get some samples in my subscription boxes coming up. Any recommendations?

Sweet dreams cupcakes xox