Oh hey,

I got my first Glymm box the other day. I’ve signed up for all of the beauty boxes available to Canadians. Well, I’m on the wait lists for TopBox, and Luxebox, but as far as Glymm, Julep and Glossy, I’m in the club. Yeaaaaah.

My camera is craptastic, so for the moment I’ll direct you to myproducts.glymm.com so you can see what was in the package.

1. Eco-Beauty® Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover – this is the only thing I haven’t actually tried as of right now. I go through a lot of nail polish remover, so I figure these wouldn’t be to practical. I guess they’d be handy for travelling, if you had to do your nails on the road. It’s $9.99 for 18 of them.

2. Smoothing Marine Cream – the first thing that struck me with this was the smell. It reminds me of my high school angst days, when I’d sit in my room and burn incense (either patchouli or sandalwood) and listen to Ethan Hawke sing “I’m nothing” from the Reality Bites soundtrack. I felt your pain, Ethan. Anyhoo, it’s very much one of those herby, woody, incensey smells. Nice, if you’re into that kind of thing, but I probably wouldn’t use it before going to work because I found it quite strong and it stuck around. Feels nice on my face but it’s so far out of my price range – the regular 50ml size is 115 bones – that I probably won’t see more than this sample.

3. Salvadore Dali ItIsDream – Ew. Not my style at all. Sprayed it on, waited a bit and hoped it would get better, washed it off.  $54 for 60 ml.

4. Vitamin and Sea Perfect Skin Solution – I’ve only used this twice, but so far so good. I have fussy multiple-personality skin, and was worried it would make me greasy. It doesn’t. Smells pretty good, soaks right in. You get 45 ml for $68, and if my skin is perfect by the end of the sample, I might spring for some. Maybe.

5. Belvada Duo Lipstick | Harmony – I rolled my eyes when I opened this one. It’s a lipstick and lip balm in one package, and I got Intense Red, which made me pouty (I don’t really trust red lipstick, and some people got pretty pink ones). I got over myself though, and decided to give it a chance. It’s actually not too bad on me. It’s sheer-ish, and doesn’t make me look like I’m on an OJT for clown school. Win! Pleasantly surprised. $20 for the full size (which the sample was).

6. Bag – It’s blue and has a zipper. Do they plan on sending one of these every month? I know this is the second one they’ve done in this format, but it seems like that’s a lot of bags for a long-term subscriber. Maybe I can pack my kids lunch in them?

I’ve got the plague (well, it’s a cold, but I languished for most of the day, and feel like a garbage truck hit me) so I treated myself to some argan oil on my hair (it was on sale @ Sally today) and a hot towel. This is a new thing, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Are you an argan oil user? What do you think – beauty equivalent of a super food or hyped up BS?